Kittiwake Rasta Hat 3

Gauge 2.5 st to 1 in (brim)
Gauge 3.25 st to 1 in (Chart A cable)
Yarn: Malabrigo Rasta in Soriano and Stitch Red
DPN Size 9

Circumference 22 inches


Brim: k1p1 for 4 in (10cm)
Hat body (pattern part) is 17 cm, which is 7 in
Circumference of Kittiwake pattern is 56 cm, which is 22 in.

Brim: k1p1 for 3 in
Hat body 7 in
Circumference 22 in

Book: Aran Knitting, Alice Starmore, Kittiwake Hat, page 133 (charts)

CO 54 st
I used a two color long tail cast on.
I’m not using the red yarn past the cast on.

Chart A = Hat, 23 st wide, 37 st high

Gauge at this pattern is 3.25 st to 1 in

Can make shorter, remember to do a 5 to 1 decrease in center of pattern at top row. This would look best at row 37, 25, 13 and 3.










Chart B = Brim decreases, 19 st wide, 24 st high
Decreases are at row 8, 13, 19, and 24. So every 5 rows, two st per repeat disappears. Two repeats, so that is four st. [RECALCULATE] Gauge of 2.5 st to 1 in, that means 1.6 in disappears every five rounds. That actually sounds fine, take a look again when you get there.



After Chart B:

Round 1: p

Round 2: p2tog, p3, p2tog

Round 3: p2tog, p1, p2tog

Break off yarn and put through remaining st on needle. Tighten. Fasten off if you don’t want a pom pom or a tassel.

If you want a pom pom or tassel, refer to the book p. 132.

Michael Kors Skirt

Need to figure out a pattern so I can make this skirt.

It’s so pretty! (Yes, I’m a fuddy duddy at heart).


I’m going to knit it top down.

Waist is in stockinette, looks like a 1.5 in elastic band.

SO: measure waist, do a test swatch and figure out gauge. Multiply gauge by inches waist. CO that many stitches, join. K for 1.5 in, do a p row, k for 1.5 in again. Seal the elastic waistband inside (in circle, sewed to an inch under waist size).

Pattern is a 6CF, with a st or two st in between. In the picture it’s something like 16 6CF 1 st or 2 st repeats. That is done for 4 row repeats, then the increases begin. Each row after that increases by 1 st or 2 st between the 6CF repeats. Skirt ends with about 3 inches of k2p2.

Overall: pretty simple, but absolutely stunning.