About Me

Hello, friends!

I’m hmstitchbystitch on Ravelry, come find me if you have any questions :)

I’ve got a knitting blog at handmadestitchbystitch.wordpress.com, a cooking blog at makeitformenow.wordpress.com, and a new sewing blog at sewsomeday.wordpress.com.

To email me, send an email to handmadestitchbystitch@gmail.com.

What else what else?

Oh yeah, I have a terrific new youtube channel!!! Come find me at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU3nQYeigDQNIaaA0t_TFmg/feed

Let me know if there is any content that I could add that would be particularly useful to you.

And please, bear with me, I’ve never put videos on the internet before, so it’s kind of a work in progress for me. (Expert that I am, I’m shooting with my cell phone camera).

I just learned how to add a title page and MUSIC to my videos!!! (Yes, I rock, thank you, thank you).

Woot! And I’m also on Twitter now at: @HMStitchxStitch

I feel so wired…..


So... whaddya think?

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