Michael Kors Skirt

Need to figure out a pattern so I can make this skirt.

It’s so pretty! (Yes, I’m a fuddy duddy at heart).


I’m going to knit it top down.

Waist is in stockinette, looks like a 1.5 in elastic band.

SO: measure waist, do a test swatch and figure out gauge. Multiply gauge by inches waist. CO that many stitches, join. K for 1.5 in, do a p row, k for 1.5 in again. Seal the elastic waistband inside (in circle, sewed to an inch under waist size).

Pattern is a 6CF, with a st or two st in between. In the picture it’s something like 16 6CF 1 st or 2 st repeats. That is done for 4 row repeats, then the increases begin. Each row after that increases by 1 st or 2 st between the 6CF repeats. Skirt ends with about 3 inches of k2p2.

Overall: pretty simple, but absolutely stunning.



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