Cable Motifs for my Baby Sophisticate

Planning on doing the DNA Twist above the elbow of one sleeve, and the Crown above the wrist of the other sleeve.

I think it would be cool to do it in two colors.

crown cable chart (2) DNA Twist Cable Chart (2)

The charts have been optimized for printing out. They come out nicely clear on an 8 * 10 piece of paper. Prints out full size. Easy on the eyes.

I find the different cables confusing, so I’m going to highlight them in different colors. If that turns out to be helpful, I will upload my highlighted charts here as well.

Sideways (Horizontal) Knit Cables

I  wanted to learn how to knit a cable sideways without having to knit it vertically, cast off, and then pick up stitches along the horizontal edge.

As they say in late night advertising — “There has to be a better way!”

And there is. My lovely Ravelers (shrouderknits and lyndainoregon) were super kind and enlightened me. The technique is called “closed ring cables”.

This video demonstrates the technique (it’s in Korean, but so well done that you don’t need to know the language to follow along):

This website has a knitting chart:

Another video, this time in English:

Horizontal Chain Pattern (with chart):

Horizontal Knit Braid:

Eunny Jang Cabled Bind Off

UPDATE: I did the Eunny Jang Cabled Cast Off on my Baby Sophisticate Sweater.

WOW WOW WOW! Here’s a pic:

cable bind off

The pic is before blocking and all that, but look at how good it looks! Thanks for unventing and sharing this technique, Eunny!!!!!

Came across Eunny Jang’s Cabled Bind Off.


EJ Cabled Bind Off 1 EJ Cabled Bind Off 2

I could not find a video of the cable cast off, but here’s a video of the i cord cast off for reference. The concept is similar, as Eunny states above, only you are adding a twist to the additional cast off stitches. In the video, it is a 3 st i cord. The cable cast off requires casting on an additional 6 st. Also, in the video, the added st and the st that is being cast off are ktbl (knit through back loop) together. The cable cast off has those two stitches purled together.

EZ Fishtrap Hat

January, Knitter’s Almanac

I don’t have the confidence  to just make the January sweater. Plus, the traveling stitches in the fishtrap pattern look really hard. (I found the same pattern in Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting book).

Honestly, EZ’s hat instructions leave a whole lot to be desired.

She says to CO half the width of the sweater, knit for 6-8 inches, and then bind off somehow. THAT’S IT.

Gauge: 5 st to 1 in

Fishtrap: 35 st repeat
Ribbed cable: 5  st repeat


CO 100 st.

Pattern: 1 ribbed cable (5 st), k1b, 1 ribbed cable (5 st), p2, 1 fishtrap (35 st), p2, 1 ribbed cable (5 st), k1b, 1 ribbed cable (5 st), p2, 1 fishtrap (35 st), p2 = 100 st.

EZ had this somehow equal 100 st. What am I missing here? 5 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 35 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 35 + 1 = 96 st ;; need to add 4 st — I’ll just double up on the p stitches. That makes it 100 st even.

Hat should be 20 inches across.

Can I be stupid here? I don’t know how to end the hat. How do the decreases work? EZ didn’t say, neither did the ravelers who made the hat (except 1, tellmewhydm, who has very specific, long and painful instructions on how to decrease in pattern – which I’m not going to do, it looks really hard).


Ribbed Cable: 5 st 7 row repeat

R1, 3-7: k1b, k1b, p1, k1b, k1b
R2: Sl 3 st to back on CN, k1b, k1b, then from CN, k1, k1b, k1b

Fishtrap Cable: 35 st 28 row repeat

FISHTRAP PATTERN (WRITTEN OUT) LT and RT Instructions FISHTRAP PATTERN (CHARTED)Can anyone look at this chart and understand it? This looks so complicated… Maybe when you’re actually doing it, it’s easier? IDK, I’ll let you know..


JMF DK Cormo Sweater

Idea # 1 :: This is just an idea

Juniper Moon Farms
Spring 2013 DK CSA Yarn
I have 6 skeins of the stuff in natural
Gauge: 5 st to 1 in
Needle: TBD

Sweater design: Bottom up sweater. Circular. Rest TBD.

Made for: Brother

Brother Measurements:

Shoulder: 20″
Chest: 35 1/2″
Waist: 33 1/2″
Hips: 42″
Arms: 23-24″

Brother’s Fave Sweater Measurements:

Shoulders: 16″
Chest: 22″
Length: 24.5″
Arms: 22″ (short!!)

CN=cable needle
k tbl=knit through back loop

HEM (Based on Alice Starmore Design): 6 st, 6 row repeat

CO 114 st. (cable cast on or long tail cast on)

Rounds 1-4,6: k, p, k, p, k tbl, p
Round 5: k, p, k, p, sl 2 st onto CN at front, k tbl next st, sl p st onto left needle and p it, k tbl last CN st, p, k, p, k

Do hem for 3 inches. It’s sooo pretty and just a slight modification of a k1,p1 ribbed hem.


Front: 56 st
Left seam st: 1 st
Back: 56 st
Right seam st: 1 st

Seam stitch should always alternate k and p, all the way to the underarm.

FRONT 56 st pattern: — decrease 1 st to get front to 55 st.

EZ’s fishtrap pattern is 35 st wide.




LT and RT Instructions

10 st stockinette, 35 st fishtrap, 10 st stockinette.

To stockinette, k all rows.

BACK 56 st pattern:

23 st stockinette, 10 st seed or moss st, 23 st stockinette.

Knit back and front up to underarms.

Then reread Knitting Without Tears and decide if you want a raglan, saddle shoulder, or hybrid sweater.

January Sweater: Planned Modifications

Okay, I know what I’m going to do with my JMF Shareholder Yarn – make the EZ January Sweater (See Knitter’s Almanac, January).

Problem: I only have 6 skeins from which to make a sweater for a guy. So, no dice.

Original: Knit sweater from bottom up in the round, cast off the front, shape the shoulders, cast off the back. STEEK the sleeves.

January Sweater - Original

Modification Idea 1: All cables (LT and RT from the pattern) in black. Cuffs, hem, collar, sleeve fishtrap, all black. Background, natural. Problem: the fair isle work still uses up a lot of the yarn. You don’t save anything by avoiding cables and going with fair isle. So, no dice. Note: This could work if the sweater was done knit flat, instead of in the round. But the conversion is just TOO TOO much work. So, no.

January Sweater - Mod1

Modification Idea 2: Hem, collar, cuffs in black. Rest of sweater in natural. Front of pattern has fishtrap, back is straight stockinette. This is workable.

Modification Idea 3: Do the body all as the EZ pattern indicates. Then, no design on the sleeves, just straight stockinette.

Modification Idea 4: Body front as EZ indicates, back and sleeves straight stockinette.

I don’t think the two color idea would work for a guy, which is who this sweater is intended for. Might be neat to try for myself at some point. There seems to be a wide variety in the number of skeins used, from 5 of worsted, to 12 of dk, to 6 of aran. So clearly a lot depends on sizing. Maybe my brother would like a sweater with negative ease? ;) j/k he wouldn’t.

Finalized game plan: Go with it for the body, and cut up the sleeves as needed. Maybe even do the top half of the sleeves in white, and the bottom in black. Then add a matching black hem. That would be a cool dip dyed look, and not too feminine.

January Sweater - Mod2