Juneberry Cardigan (MTD Design)

I purchased this Juneberry Cardigan pattern and started knitting this week.

Lots of stop and go as it seems I still have so much to learn.

But just look at this cardigan, isn’t it worth it??


So elegantly designed, and great pattern.

I’m just super slow, so messaged the designer just a bit too much. She was super nice and helpful, and responded to my (stupid and slow) questions right away!

I’m sharing what I learned, hoping it helps you. Please purchase this pattern!


Chart written out (for 37 st icord option):
R1 (RS): k, sl 1 wyif, k, (p, k, p, k, k) x 5, p, k, p, k
(NOTE: first 3 st are i cord selvedge, and last k st is regular selvedge)
R2: p, (k, p, k, ssk, yo) x 6, k, p, k, sl 1 wyif, k, sl 1 wyif
R3: as R1
R4: p, (k, p, k, yo, k2tog) x 6, k, p, k, sl 1 wyif, k, sl 1 wyif

Apparently the selvedge was already on the chart (the first and last st of the chart).

Some lace charts, the second row is all purl, and then the next row on the chart is back to right to left. Not the case here.

So Row 1 starts at bottom right, and Row 2 on the second row up from the left.

THEREFORE, when you look at the chart, if you are knitting a WS row (all the even rows), you have to k the purl stitches, and p the knit stitches (as indicated in the chart).

Hope that helps!


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