Rayon Yarn

Rayon is a plant made yarn. It’s made of cellulose.

It is not resilient. The yarn has no memory, and does not stretch and snap back like wool.

It grows and grows. It sucks to work with for anything that needs to be sized. So why am I determined to make a top out of it instead of a scarf or shawl?

I’ll make a doll sized T-topper and go from there.


This picture is for knitting bottom up with flat knitting (not circular).

To convert picture to circular, just ignore the top box.

Sorry, it’s late, and I feel lazy.

I should probably do another post about this third way to swatch the t-topper.



CO in the round. I don’t have an actual doll, so it doesn’t really matter how I size it, just that I measure it before and after. MUST block to know how sweater will stand up to washing.

SO, let’s use small size 4 bamboo needles.

CO enough stitches for 2 inches body.

Knit to underarms, another 2 inches.

Separate front and back (put front st on stitch holder, and knit back st only).

CO 0.5 in st on either side with knit cast on method. Knit for another half inch. CO.

Do same for front side.

Graft shoulders together.

Neck size is same as between bra straps.

Measure. Wash. Measure again.

Will update as I finish the above.


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