Alternative T Topper Swatch

I could just swatch it side to size. That would prevent vertical growing.


All growing would be horizontal, and I’m getting pretty fat, so this may work.

If it gets baggy like that, can we just call it fashion?

Swatch: Doll clothes.

CO 1 in worth of stitches. Knit for a half inch or quarter inch, whatever looks right.

CO 2 in worth of stitches on right end with knitted cast on.

Go back and at other end, CO another 2 in worth of st with knitted cast on.

One side is the front, the other the back.

Keep going for like half an inch? Whatever looks right for the right shoulder width.

Put st on holder for back (or front, whatever).

Knit whatever looks right for the neck (half an inch again?)

With another skein of yarn, do the neck st for the st on the holder.

Knit back, join up the two sides again.

Knit – was it a half inch? – for the left shoulder width.

CO the 2 in of st on either side, k 1 in for the left shoulder. BO.

Measure, wash, block, measure.

Decide where to go once this is done.

I’ll do all this in garter, so the fabric is thicker and not see through, hopefully will stretch less, and make a nice summer tee.

Easy peasy in theory. Updates as theory becomes practice.


So... whaddya think?

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