Knitting for the Ungrateful

As a knitter, you want to knit for the special people in your life.

Most people pretend to like it, thank you for your hard work, send you a picture of them wearing it, and then move on with their life.

Some people, though, just suck.

Those people tell you what you did wrong with your knit gift, and hand it back to you because you need to correct the mistakes and learn how to knit like the “experts” that they grew up with before they will even consider wearing something you made.

These are the people that SUCK.

It sucks more when you are close to them and see them all the time. These are the people that comment on and critique your knitting, complaining it’s not as nice as the stuff they sell in the stores. These are the people who look put off when you suggest making things for them. These are the people that tell you that your stitches are not even, your gauge is off, your yarn could be better, your blocking needs work.


One of these people has returned the knit hat I made her out of CASHMERE and MALABRIGO. Not a cheap yarn, not an easy pattern, not something that should be thrown back in your face. The hat was even monogrammed with their initial as a personalization.


SO I made a resolution this day to NEVER NEVER NEVER knit something for this ungrateful, critical person again. NEVER NEVER NEVER.


So... whaddya think?

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