Eunny Jang Cabled Bind Off

UPDATE: I did the Eunny Jang Cabled Cast Off on my Baby Sophisticate Sweater.

WOW WOW WOW! Here’s a pic:

cable bind off

The pic is before blocking and all that, but look at how good it looks! Thanks for unventing and sharing this technique, Eunny!!!!!

Came across Eunny Jang’s Cabled Bind Off.


EJ Cabled Bind Off 1 EJ Cabled Bind Off 2

I could not find a video of the cable cast off, but here’s a video of the i cord cast off for reference. The concept is similar, as Eunny states above, only you are adding a twist to the additional cast off stitches. In the video, it is a 3 st i cord. The cable cast off requires casting on an additional 6 st. Also, in the video, the added st and the st that is being cast off are ktbl (knit through back loop) together. The cable cast off has those two stitches purled together.


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