Starmore’s Kittiwake Hat

From Aran Knitting, page 130.

I’m changing up the yarn and the measurements, so here’s a record of my math.
The hat is for my brother, whose head circumference is 21.5 inches.
The hat has a lot of ease (it’s wool, that’s why), so I can make it to 20 inches.
Starmore’s hat is made to a circumference of 22 inches.
Starmore’s gauge is 7.5 st to 1 in on size 3 needles.
To cut 2 inches, I’d have to cut 15 st.
Chart A has a repeat of 23 st, or 3 in.
Best fit is done by just cutting one repeat of chart A. The ease should make it okay.
Starmore used two skeins of Scottish Fleet.
I’m using one skein of Scottish Fleet, and one skein of Hebridean 3 ply.
The Scottish Fleet is itchier than the Hebridean, so I’m using the Hebridean for the brim.

CO 168, work k2p2 rib (42 repeats) for 4 in, increase by 16 st (2 inches) evenly.
Begin pattern at 184 st.

Me: Hebridean 3 ply yarn in brown

With a 16 inch size 5 needle, at a gauge of 5 st to 1 in
I want it to be a 20 inch brim, so….
CO 100 st.
k2,p2 for 4 inches
increase evenly by 15 st (115 st on needle)

Change to Scottish Fleet fingering weight yarn (recalculate after calculating new gauge with this yarn)
(calculations below assuming gauge of 5 st to 1 in)

Repeat Chart A for 5 repeats (115 st)
Repeat Chart B for 5 repeats (35 st)(check math on number of st)

Starmore decreases:
p2tog, p3, p2tog (40 st)
p2tog, p1, p2tog (24 st)
cut yarn, draw through st attach tassel.

My decreases:

/calculations ongoing


2 thoughts on “Starmore’s Kittiwake Hat

  1. Cindy says:

    Where did you cut the two inches and where did u add stitches. I love the look 👀 f the hat but I am just st stumbling around trying to make it smaller and make it look nice. Thank you.

  2. Alice Starmore is the queen of complicated cable patterns. So so sooooo worth it, but seriously, takes work to get it to come out right.

    Here, I didn’t buy Starmore’s yarn (available at, Starmore’s online store [which has seriously terrific yarn, btw]), I wanted to use my own. So I figured out what my gauge is (by trial and error – I used the needle size I thought looked best, and knitted a swatch (with both stockinette and cable pattern). Then I calculated stitches per inch in stockinette and also in the cable pattern (they are different).

    Then I measured the head of the person who I wanted to make a hat for (inches) and multiplied by gauge (stitches per inch) for the number of stitches to cast on. To be complicated, account for the gauge in your stockinette pattern and your cable pattern. You will have to increase or decrease whole pattern repeats until you get the number of inches that works for the person whose head you are knitting for.

    I have LITERALLY made this hat four times (doing and undoing it again and again) in order to get the sizing right. It is a HUGE pain.

    Check out my latest post on the Kittiwake hat:

    I still haven’t finished it :(

    Check out my project updates on Ravelry:

    I will upload a final pattern once I figure it out.

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