Alice Starmore Yarns (Virtual Yarns)

You know the goddess of aran knitting, Alice Starmore?  She has a yarn company, Virtual Yarns.  The yarns look amazing, have great reviews, and brilliant colors. The only drawback? You have to mail order them from somewhere in the UK. Free international shipping over 25 GBP (around $50 USD). I can’t find anyone else selling them!

I’ve asked ravelers, I’ve contacted the company, everything to find out just how itchy this yarn is. Because I have a wool allergy. Since there are so many kinds of sheep, it’s hard to know what I’m allergic to.

I can use Malabrigo, and certain types of Noro (Iro, notably). I wheeze like crazy with Cascade 220, anything with mohair, and Shetland wool yarn. Leicester wool yarn is hit or miss. Cormo yarn (like the Juniper Moon Farm CSA Shares I bought) are fine too. So you see, it’s tricky. Oh, and Merino and Cashmere are fine too.

Some reviewers say the Starmore yarn is itchy. Some say it is not itchy. Honestly, who can really say if it will set off their allergy unless the yarn is right in front of them? So I bit the bullet today and ordered one skein of each type of yarn (there’s only four!) that Virtual Yarns sells. I’ll report back once I receive it on how itchy it is, and if it lives up to the hype. I sure hope it does. *fingers crossed*



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