JMF DK Cormo Sweater

Idea # 1 :: This is just an idea

Juniper Moon Farms
Spring 2013 DK CSA Yarn
I have 6 skeins of the stuff in natural
Gauge: 5 st to 1 in
Needle: TBD

Sweater design: Bottom up sweater. Circular. Rest TBD.

Made for: Brother

Brother Measurements:

Shoulder: 20″
Chest: 35 1/2″
Waist: 33 1/2″
Hips: 42″
Arms: 23-24″

Brother’s Fave Sweater Measurements:

Shoulders: 16″
Chest: 22″
Length: 24.5″
Arms: 22″ (short!!)

CN=cable needle
k tbl=knit through back loop

HEM (Based on Alice Starmore Design): 6 st, 6 row repeat

CO 114 st. (cable cast on or long tail cast on)

Rounds 1-4,6: k, p, k, p, k tbl, p
Round 5: k, p, k, p, sl 2 st onto CN at front, k tbl next st, sl p st onto left needle and p it, k tbl last CN st, p, k, p, k

Do hem for 3 inches. It’s sooo pretty and just a slight modification of a k1,p1 ribbed hem.


Front: 56 st
Left seam st: 1 st
Back: 56 st
Right seam st: 1 st

Seam stitch should always alternate k and p, all the way to the underarm.

FRONT 56 st pattern: — decrease 1 st to get front to 55 st.

EZ’s fishtrap pattern is 35 st wide.




LT and RT Instructions

10 st stockinette, 35 st fishtrap, 10 st stockinette.

To stockinette, k all rows.

BACK 56 st pattern:

23 st stockinette, 10 st seed or moss st, 23 st stockinette.

Knit back and front up to underarms.

Then reread Knitting Without Tears and decide if you want a raglan, saddle shoulder, or hybrid sweater.


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