EZ Fishtrap Hat

January, Knitter’s Almanac

I don’t have the confidence  to just make the January sweater. Plus, the traveling stitches in the fishtrap pattern look really hard. (I found the same pattern in Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting book).

Honestly, EZ’s hat instructions leave a whole lot to be desired.

She says to CO half the width of the sweater, knit for 6-8 inches, and then bind off somehow. THAT’S IT.

Gauge: 5 st to 1 in

Fishtrap: 35 st repeat
Ribbed cable: 5  st repeat


CO 100 st.

Pattern: 1 ribbed cable (5 st), k1b, 1 ribbed cable (5 st), p2, 1 fishtrap (35 st), p2, 1 ribbed cable (5 st), k1b, 1 ribbed cable (5 st), p2, 1 fishtrap (35 st), p2 = 100 st.

EZ had this somehow equal 100 st. What am I missing here? 5 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 35 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 35 + 1 = 96 st ;; need to add 4 st — I’ll just double up on the p stitches. That makes it 100 st even.

Hat should be 20 inches across.

Can I be stupid here? I don’t know how to end the hat. How do the decreases work? EZ didn’t say, neither did the ravelers who made the hat (except 1, tellmewhydm, who has very specific, long and painful instructions on how to decrease in pattern – which I’m not going to do, it looks really hard).


Ribbed Cable: 5 st 7 row repeat

R1, 3-7: k1b, k1b, p1, k1b, k1b
R2: Sl 3 st to back on CN, k1b, k1b, then from CN, k1, k1b, k1b

Fishtrap Cable: 35 st 28 row repeat

FISHTRAP PATTERN (WRITTEN OUT) LT and RT Instructions FISHTRAP PATTERN (CHARTED)Can anyone look at this chart and understand it? This looks so complicated… Maybe when you’re actually doing it, it’s easier? IDK, I’ll let you know..



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