I want to buy more yarn…

I’m dying. Dying. I want more yarn. There is so much beautiful yarn in this world, shouldn’t a few skeins here and there belong to me? They should.

I have yarn. A big heavy box of it. And I vowed – VOWED! – to use it up before buying more.

But it’s hard. So hard. In my free time I look for great yarns and great prices. And sometimes, I find them. RESIST! Must. Resist. Temptation.

I still want to die. I need money, and yarn. Mostly, money to buy yarn. But really, just yarn.

I wonder how to go about being sponsored by a yarn company to review or knit something. SIGH. SIGH. SIGH.


4 thoughts on “I want to buy more yarn…

  1. ::laughs:: I am struggling with this myself. I decided that I would buy yarn for Christmas presents now (back in Feb.), so I have an excuse to buy yarn, also so I would have 9 months to knit 7, 1 skein projects. I still want more yarn. First step is to admit the problem right? and then just keep buying yarn…yes?

    • Oooh… have you checked out the Virtual Yarns website? (Alice Starmore’s yarns). They are so gorgeous, and seriously, the colors are much much better in person. And they are good quality and hold up well. Buy a skein or two and check it out. (I confess I did that despite my no more yarn resolution).

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