Baby Bunting

Cute little 1 skein baby sweater. Makes a great gift for a new mom!


One round of Kristen and Emily making adorable baby sweaters for friends, and I just had to join in. This first pattern [in a series of two :-)] I like to call  Bunting.  This name arises from my lack of finesse for pattern naming, but mostly from the fact that I love that the colorway of the yarn is Indigo Bunting.  The prototype has been sent to Baby Cole, and I’m told he looks adorable in it!


This is a really simple sweater, knitted from the top down with contrasting color button bands and pockets.  I love pockets on everything, so they are my favorite part of the pattern!  The pockets are very easily done by knitting waste yarn while working the body and then picking up live stitches around the pocket and knitting a little pouch.  I don’t expect many babies to actually  use the pockets on this sweater…

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