Lady of Stars Dress

The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, is also known as the Lady of Stars and the Mistress of Heavens. She is the goddess of beauty and love, music and dance. Her sacred stone is turquoise and her sacred metal is copper.

The Lady of Stars Dress is designed in honor of the Goddess Hathor, and in her sacred colors of turquoise and copper.

Egyptians invoke the Goddess Hathor for luck in love, success in their endeavors, and victory on the battlefield.

The Greeks call on her by the name, Aphrodite.


I designed this dress to be:

1) top down

2) round yoke

3) circular knit

4) seamless

5) easy to modify


Neckline: 24 inches

Gauge: 4 st to 1 in horizontal stockinette

Needle: size 8

Yarn: Bernat Cotton (turquoise) and Lion Brand Cotton (brown)

Cast on method: Two color longtail cast on



  1. Cast on 96 st.  Join to knit in the round.  PM at joining stitch.
  2. Knit in garter stitch (k one row, p the next) for 4 rows.  This makes two ridges, and is about 1/2 inch in length.  PM every 12 st.
  3. Begin stockinette stitch (k all rows).  Do four increases every round, evenly spaced (every 24st).  (do in every alternating group of 12 stitches)(there are eight groups of 12 stitches each, so 1, 3, 5, and 7 are where the increases are in the first round, and rounds 2, 4, 6, and 8 are where the increases are in the second round)(be consistent – do the increases in the beginning or the end  of the 12 stitch grouping, and do not change where you decide to do them for the rest of the project)
  4. Work in stockinette stitch until dress reaches underarms.
  5. Mark st for sides of garment so you can distinguish between the front and back.
  6. Add markers for sleeves.  Sleeves are 1/3 of the stitches.  So left sleeve is 1/6 of the stitches. Right sleeve is 1/6 of stitches.  Front is 1/3 stitches. Back is 1/3 stitches.
  7. Work sleeves to length desired, then bind off.
  8. CO underarm stitches (10 st each side?).  Do those in garter, the rest in stockinette.  This should add structure to the dress.
  9. Do a few paired decreases for the waist, and corresponding paired increases for the hips.
  10. Keep knitting until dress is the length you want it to be.  Bind off.  Block.  Wear.





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