Divine Hat / Very Warm Hat Mashup

I did not design either the Divine Hat or the Very Warm Hat.  But I do believe I may have been the first to decide to put the both of them together, in an amazing combination of knitting and crochet skills.

I call my mashup the POLAR VORTEX HAT, because I’m from Chicago, and this hat is double warm and way cuter than EZ’s hat.  Way, way cuter.

1 2 3

These aren’t pro pictures or glamour shots, but I hope you get the idea anyway.

Without any further fanfare, here’s the (short version, cliff notes guide to the) pattern I used:


With J hook


15 DC


3,4. FPDC, DC

5,6. FPDC, 2DC

7,8,9. FPDC, 3DC

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. FPDC, 4DC




NEEDLE: size 9 circular (16”) and size 7 DPNs. This is what I had on hand, so this is what I used.

Pick up 77 stitches from slip stitches above on circular needles / DPNs. Stitches should be divisible by 7.

Knit for 5 inches. Add a fair isle pattern if you want.

Decrease in seven pointed star pattern:

Decrease 7 st evenly spaced around.
Knit one round even.
Alternate decrease, knit round.

Keep going until 49 st remain.
Decrease 7 st every round.

Bind off stitches.


So... whaddya think?

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