EZ Shaded Aspen Leaf Sweater

Yarn: Berrocco Blackstone Tweed Chunky, Plymouth Yarn Tweed
Needle Size: 7
Gauge: 5 st to 1 in
Size: 40 in
Ease: 6 in

EZ Knitter's Workshop

EZ Knitter’s Workshop

CO 204 st. Place marker every 12 st. Join. Mark beginning of round.
k 3 rounds.
Begin pattern.

EZ Knitter's Workshop


Work across back to within 5 st of left side.
Turn and purl to within 5 st of the right side.
Repeat 2 and 3 twice more.
Cast off 1/3 of st at either side.


Work 5-6 ridges of garter st on remaining 1/3 st at neck.
Cast off.
Sew neck to front.


CO 40 st. Join. Mark underarm st.
Work 3 rounds.
Work in pattern, inc 1 st every 6 rounds at each side of marked st.
CO loosely.
Make 2 sleeves.


Block sleeves with steam iron.
Mark width of sleeve on length of sweater.
Add a vertical basting line along length of where steek should be.
Add a horizontal basting line at end of where steek should be.
Machine st (or single crochet) a row of small st down one side of the basting thread, across the bottom, and up the other side. REPEAT.
CUT on the basting thread line.


Sew up 1/3 of the top on either side.
Leave the center third for the neck opening.
Sewing is best worked on the right side.
Before you sew in the sleeves, sew an inch or two of the shoulders.
Try the sweater on.


Pin the bottom of the sleeve to the bottom of the armhole and the top to the top.
Put a pin halfway and a quarter way up.
Take a sharp needle for sewing up.
Start at the underarm.
There are less sleeve st than sweater st, so you cannot do 1 st per row.
Just make it straight and even. Follow a vertical line and knit around it.
Work in the color of the top and the sleeve.


The cut edge wants to curve towards the body.
Don’t let it, or it will be thick and ugly.
Steam that edge towards the sleeve.
Neaten the edge with herringbone st (like an X).
Skim the wool across the surface so it does not show on the right side.

I guess that’s it?


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