Summer Silk Sweater

I wanted to design a sweater for my Mom.  It needed short row shoulders, short row shaping on the chest, waist shaping (decreases), hip and butt shaping (increases).  Plus it had to be cute and wearable.  So I designed the Summer Silk Sweater as a top down cap sleeve lace raglan in bamboo silk yarn.

Here are pictures of the finished product, let me know what you think!! :)



2 thoughts on “Summer Silk Sweater

    • Thanks! It’s the first truly wearable (in public!) sweater that I’ve ever made! Of course I finished it in the middle of a Chicago winter… I’m really glad that I didn’t cheap out on the yarn. I made two sweaters for my mom and brother before, and though they turned out well, the yarn simply didn’t hold up (acrylic… bad quality acrylic…). Definitely didn’t look like a project I’d spent over a year on. And of course, they never wore those sweaters again… Sigh.

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