EZ 36 Stitch Mittens

Pattern: EZ 36 Stitch Mittens (from Knitting Without Tears)

20131203_144225 20131203_144320

Yarn: Noro Iro
Needles: size 6 DPNs
Amount of yarn: Just under 1 skein
Gauge: 5 st = 1 in


1. CO 36 st. Join.
2. Work in k3p1 for 10 rounds. (36 st)
3. k2, ssk. (27 st)
4. k 4 rounds.
5. k3, m1. (36 st) (PURL 4 of these inc st for the back of the hand)
6. k 20 rounds.
7. k 7 thumb st on contrast yarn (8 in yarn).
8. put these 7 st back on the left needle, and knit them again.
9. k 25 rounds. (36 st)
10. shape for the top as for a toe on a sock.


11. Put 18 st on one needle [N1] for mitten front.  Put 9 st on each of the other 2 needles [N2 and N3].  THE FRONT NEEDLE IS N2.  THE ONE BEFORE IT IS N1.  THE ONE AFTER IT IS N3.

12. On N1, work to within 3 st of end, k2tog, k1.

13. On N2, k1, ssk, work to within 3 st of the end, k2tog, k1.

14. On N3, k1, ssk, k to end.

Thus far four stitches have been decreased (32 st).

15. Work one round plan.

16. Repeat rows 12-15  until 20 st are all that is left (32, 28, 24, 20).  Line them up, 10 on front needle, 10 on back needle.  Now you are ready to weave.

17. Weave front to back.


18. Pull wool through 1st st on front needle as if to knit.  Take st off.

19. Pull wool through 2nd st on front needle as if to purl.  Keep st on.

20. Pull wool through 1st st on back needle as if to purl.  Take st off.

21. Pull wool through 2nd st on back needle as if to knit.  Keep st on.

22. Repeat 18-21 until no open st remain.


23. pull out the contrast wool (7 st on bottom). put on one needle.
24. pick up upper 6 st, as well as 2 bookend stitches, place on second needle.
25. knit 5 of the 8 st (from step 12).
26. with the fourth needle, knit the 3 remaining st (knit into the back of the third one), plus 2 st from the lower needle.
27. now there are 15 st evenly divided on 3 needles.
28. k 15 rounds. thread wool through all st, fasten off.


29. work diagonal st in the purl st on the back of the hand.



(Quoting her project page directly)

“This is a bulky yarn, so they’re actually 28 stitch mittens.
3.5 st/in. on US 10 yarn.

My mods for this yarn:

CO 28 st, reduce to 21 for the cuff, increase back to 28
3 rows plain at 21 st before increase
11 rows for cuff
19 rows before thumb
thumb – 5 st. (end up picking up 11)
21 rows above thumb before decreasing
decreased every other row until 12 st. total left.”


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