Blue Dragon Pullover / Loops and Threads Charisma Pullover



Based on the Basic Blouse Recipe in Knitting the Old Way.

Gauge: 3 st = 1″ in size 9 needles.

My chest: 36″

Positive ease: 6″

Chest = 42″

1. Begin knitting 2 welt hem sections with seed st (straight knitting, not circular).  CO 57 st for front, 57 st for back.  Knit 10 rounds.

2. Join front and back hem sections on a circular needle.  OVERLAP 2 st by laying front over back.  Purl the last 2 st of the front piece and the first 2 st of the back piece.  This creates a visible seam.  Continue purling these 2 st all the way to the underarm.

3. Add an increase on each side of the purled st at regular intervals until there are 126 st on the needle at chest height.

4. Insert half gusset at underarm.  Purl increase on each side of the 2 purl seam stitches.  Continue the purl 2 column of stitches.  Make 2 knit 1 increases on every round (before and after the stitch markers for the 2 purl seam stitches).  Do this until the width of the gusset is twice its depth.

5. Place half gusset stitches on waste yarn BUT leave the p1 st at each edge with the body st THEN divide the front and back and work separately.  Continue to purl the p1 st at the edge of each armhole.

6. Work to armhole depth (just over one third of the total sweater length).

7. Join shoulder seams by either grafting or biding the stitches off together.

8. PU st around armhole (44 st).  Include the half gusset stitches.  They become a part of the sleeve.  Continue to purl the 2 st that mark the side and underarm.

9. Work each sleeve to the wrist (38 st).  Do paired decreases on each side of the purled column.

10. Finish the sleeve hem with welts to match or coordinate with the bodice hem.

Follow my progress on at:


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