Elizabeth Zimmermann Hurry Up December Sweater in Loops and Threads Charisma Yarn

Gauge of Yarn: 2.5 st/in horizontal, 3.5 st/in vertical

Yarn: Loops and Threads Charisma (from Michaels)

Needle: sz 15 (24″ circular needle)

Brother Measurements:

Shoulder: 20″

Chest: 35 1/2″

Waist: 33 1/2″

Hips: 42″

Arms: 23-24″

Brother’s Fave Sweater Measurements:

Shoulders: 16″

Chest: 22″

Length: 24.5″

Arms: 22″ (short!!)



CO 94 st, 44 st for back, 50 for front.

Work even for 3.5″.

Increase row: Add 5 M1 inc every 7 st (or 8) [Like this: k8 M1 k7 M1 k7 M1 k7 M1 k7 M1 k8]

Now 100 st.

Work until sweater is 20″ long (actually, until 17″ if you want to add a 3″ k2p2 hem).

Fair Isle Option: Add whatever fair isle pattern you want to here, you have 20″ and 100 st to do so :)

Short Row Option: Add short rows every 4 or 5 inches across back (about 3 times)(evenly spaced across back); [here: need 3 rows of short rows every 5 inches]


CO 20 st (at cuff).

Inc 2 st at underarm every 4th rnd.

Leave middle 3 st alone.

Work until 40 st then work straight (until sleeves are 20″ long).

Make 2.


Join the 3 pieces (body, 2 sleeves) on a 24″ circular needle.  Put 8 underarm st aside on each side.

Like this: 42 (front) PM 32 (right arm) PM 42 (back) PM 32 (left arm) PM.

Underarm is 8 st (left underarm) 8 st (right underarm).  Underarm st are deducted from the sleeve and from the body.  Make sure they are centered.


Dec 4 st every 2 rnds, 1 at each of the sleeve sts, until back + front = 32 st (16 st front, 16 st back).

Then mark 3 center st of each sleeve.

Dec 2 st at these points every 2nd round (k2tog, k1, ssk).

Do until 20 st remain on either side.

Then stop the shoulder dec, and continue front and back dec.

When they meet, there will be about 40 st on the needle.

All dec stop now.

Back of neck shaping begins.

At left shoulder, turn, p20, turn, k23, turn, p25, turn.

Continue for 5 rounds.


pu neck st (sz 10 needle).  i cord bindoff.

pu cuff st (sz 13  DPNs).  k2p2 for 3 inches. i cord bindoff.  Do this for each cuff.

You can do this to the hem too.  I left mine alone for a rolled stockinette look.

DONE!! :)


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