Straight to Circular Knitting Conversion: Common Stitches

Basic Stitch Pattern Conversions

Here are some of the most common stitch patterns you might want to convert into knitting in the round and how to do it:

Garter Stitch:

R1: k

R2: p

Stockinette Stitch:

R1: k

R2: k

Seed Stitch:

R1: k1, p1

R2: p1, k1 

(assuming an even number of stitches)


Repeat the same round on all rounds:

R1: k1, p1

R2: k1, p1


R1: k2, p2

R2: k2, p2


R1: k5, p2

R2: k5, p2

Reverse Stockinette:

R1: p

R2: p


So... whaddya think?

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