Hello, friends!

Welcome to my blog!  I enjoy knitting and crocheting, and would like to share these interests with you.  Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see on the site that would be of interest to you.

A little about the name of my blog.  Well, it’s named after a nice fellow named Kim Ju Won that went around showing people the pedigree of his clothing when they had the poor taste to find it appalling.  His defense:  “These clothes aren’t what you guys think that they are. A master craftsman in Italy who made track suits for forty years by hand made these, stitch by stitch.”

Hyun Bin

This tracksuit was handmade in Italy by a tailor who specialized in track suits for 40 years. These are not the clothes to be receiving such criticism from you.


Well, friends, the clothes here are handmade, stitch by stitch in the U.S.,  by me :)  And let me assure you, these are not the clothes to be receiving such criticism.  Even if the sweater sleeves don’t match, and a sweater to fit a child ends up fitting an adult.  Even if the hats don’t stay on people’s heads, and if the scarves are monsters of clashing colors, textures and patterns.

Happy knitting, folks :)



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