Elizabeth Zimmermann July Shawl (Simple Pi Shawl)


Pi Shawl

Pi Shawl

1. CO 9 st with Emiy Ocker’s crochet cast on to 3 needles.
2. k 1 round (9st)
3. yo k1 (18 st)(3x on each of the 3 needles)
 4. k 3 rounds
5. yo k1 (36 st)(6x on each needle)
6. k 6 rounds
7. yo k1 (72 st)
8. k 12 rounds
9. yo k1 (144 st)
10. k 24 rounds
11. yo k1 (288 st)
12. k 48 rounds
13. yo k1 (576 st)
14. k 96 rounds or until tired (around 40 rounds)
At the beginning of the round, CO 8 st
k 7 st, k2tog (with existing shawl stitch)
k 8
k7 k2tog
1. Use lace edging
2. Use row of holes (yo, k2tog)
3. Use points, waves or scallops
4. Use gull stitch like Brooklyn Tweed (THEN finish with the garter stitch border).

6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Zimmermann July Shawl (Simple Pi Shawl)

  1. Oh. my. god. THANK YOU!!!!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for this small bit of information on just simply how to knit a pi shawl. I finally stumbled across your page. You’ve Saved me.

    (I very seriously have no space for another book. If I buy even one more book, I am going to have to buy another book shelf, not a joke, which means I’ll have to move into a bigger apt, and so on. I tried to find this book at the library but they ONLY have it as a DRM file downloadable e-book. So I downloaded the book from the library website, but it has to have a log in account with Adobe to open the file, I tried to create a log in account, but it kept failing. This continued on, until I found your page. THANK YOU)

    • I’m glad it’s helped you. Elizabeth Zimmermann has gorgeous patterns, but she leaves out most of the instructions. I personally like to have the whole entire line by line pattern written out as a reference. I use my blog as my knitting diary, and simply annotate which row of the pattern I’m on. Done and done, and so simple. I found that an online diary (blog, really) helped me more than making notes in my knitting books (really, that seems like vandalization, even if you own the book), or copying the pattern and annotating it. I’ve lost my useful notes more times than I can count. Online, though, I know who I made it for, what their measurements were, what yarn I used, and what I did. This way, if it worked, I can do it again, and if it didn’t, I know what to avoid doing the next time.

  2. I don’t undestand the Sideways Garder Stitch Border. I’ve tried it on a sample of circular knitting and believe me it was a mess. Could you do a how to video on it? Thanks.

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